Smart Contracts

On-chain smart contract designed to check an ENS name for a valid Pokémon name. Returns the valid name of the Pokémon as a string if valid.

MIT License | Credit: ho-oh.eth

  • Contract [English] - Rinkeby [LIVE] | Polygon [LIVE]

  • Contract [Japanese] - !!! COMMUNITY HELP NEEDED !!!!

  • Contract [Spanish] - !!! COMMUNITY HELP NEEDED !!!!

ENS names must include the complete Pokémon name without breaks or separations by other characters. Example: charizard.eth, 0xcharizard.eth, 69charizard420.eth = WILL WORK

charblizzard.eth, charlizard.eth, char69izard.eth = WONT WORK Exception: Hyphen only when used by official Pokedex (e.g. Ho-oh)

PokeStats.sol - Coming Soon

On-chain smart contract designed to check Pokémon info and battle stats. Returns id, types, HP, attack, defense, speed, generation, etc.

  • Contract - Rinkeby [SOON] | Polygon [SOON]

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