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PokENS Vision


ENS-Built, CC0, Open Source, Expandable, Quality, Art-Focused, Enjoyable. PokENS is a community-led, on-chain, non-commercial, fan-art gaming project designed on the ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domain name ecosystem.
Charizard & Ash - CC0 | Credit: Wallpaper Flare

Game Roadmap

Q3 2022 - Game Closed Beta Begins | Resource dApp(s) Launch
Q4 2022 - Game Open Beta Launch
Q1 2023 - Game Expansion Development
PokENS App - Battle Arena - MIT License | Credit: ho-oh.eth
PokENS is not affiliated with the Nintendo or Pokémon companies. This project is for art and entertainment purposes only. CC0 credit on request.
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